Ryders Ridge Homes for Sale in Sylvan Lake

Ryders Ridge Homes for Sale in Sylvan Lake

Ryders Ridge is a master-planned community of Sylvan Lake homes designed for the active family and vacationer. With each new home we build, we are fulfilling a dream for one family, an ambition for another.

A bustling community which encourages walking and biking around Sylvan Lake, AB, Canada, Ryders Ridge is at once close to nature and to Main Street.

Where is Sylvan Lake's latest community? Located just minutes from the lake on the south west side of town, Ryders Ridge has just begun to change the face of Sylvan Lake's map. When we are done though, nothing will be the same.

Each of our homes is built and designed using the Craftsman architectural style, popular in the 1920s. We are hearkening back to a simpler time and the time of Sylvan Lake's first steps to becoming Alberta's most beloved town.

The long term stability of investing in the Sylvan Lake real estate market is shown in the latest census data alone. Sylvan Lake's property values are rising faster than Edmonton, faster than Red Deer and even faster than Calgary. Buying property is a proven investment in the long term, ensuring stability and safety for your family.